Vidbir Gazu (Sep)
Eustream extended the terms of firm capacities for gas imports to Ukraine

The Slovak TSO Eustream and Gas TSO of Ukraine agreed to extend terms of increased firm capacities until September 30, 2023. Since February 2022, GTSOU and a Slovak partner have provided a firm capacity for 42 mcm of gas imports per day instead of 27 mcm, which were available since 2014.

Such a step on the part of our Slovak colleagues contributes to integrating gas markets, developing business relations, and strengthening the security of gas supply to the regions.

“GTSOU team actively works on deepening cooperation with neighboring TSOs. Soon, we, together with our Slovak colleagues, will outline short- and medium-term goals and consider ways to achieve them. At this stage of transformation of the European energy system, the European gas market reform, and diversification of supply sources and routes, it is necessary to use the potential of the existing gas infrastructure as much as possible. We are focusing on this task,” said GTSOU CEO Dmytro Lyppa.

Currently, available firm capacities for gas imports from the EU countries to Ukraine amount to 54  mcm per day. Importing an additional four mcm per day via Moldova and Romania from the south via the Trans-Balkan route is also possible.