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GTSOU reconstructs Yahotyn compressor station

Gas TSO of Ukraine has started active construction works on the Yahotyn compressor station (CS) reconstruction project, whose main purpose is to guarantee reliable gas transportation, improve environmental performance and increase equipment efficiency.

GTSOU has identified the CS Yahotyn as one of the top priority facilities within the large-scale GTS modernization program. This compressor station is one of the most important in ensuring the transportation of gas produced in Ukraine to Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities and consumers. The station compresses natural gas for its further transportation through the main gas pipelines  Shebelynka – Dykanka – Kyiv, Shebelynka – Poltava – Kyiv, Yefremivka – Dykanka – Kyiv.

Now, the general construction works stage is underway at the industrial site. By 2022 it is planned to build a new compressor shop with installation of four gas-compressor units driven by gas turbine engines of Ukrainian manufacture SE “Zorya” – “Mashproekt” with capacity of 14-16 MW each and required  engineering infrastructure.  The use of state-of-the art units will reduce the consumption of natural gas during transportation whereas the rates of exhaust gas emission will comply with the increased European environmental standards. Apart from supporting the domestic manufacturer and top-quality products, a significant advantage of cooperation with SE “Zorya” – “Mashproekt” is the turnkey execution of works and further equipment servicing.

“A large-scale modernization and GTS optimization program is underway at GTSOU. Its implementation will allow us to guarantee reliable operation of the gas transportation system, meeting the needs of Ukrainian consumers even in the absence of transit, said Sergiy Makogon, General Director of GTSOU. The major projects will be the reconstruction of ten compressor stations.  After their modernization, they will be the key compressor stations that will ensure reliable gas transportation for decades to come.”

According to the Development Plan of the Gas Transmission System, the investments will be directed exclusively to those facilities, that will be utilized also in case of significant reduction of transit, while the main activities will be aimed at optimization in accordance with the existing and projected volumes of gas transportation. The modernization of gas distribution stations (GDS) in all regions of Ukraine will be also conducted. Optimizing the GTS will ensure a fair tariff for Ukrainian consumers in the future.