2019-12-20 hun-ua
New gas transmission system operator of Ukraine signed an interconnection agreement with Hungarian TSO

December 20, 2019, Kyiv – Hungarian FGSZ ltd and Ukrainian Gas TSO LLC agreed on the terms of the cooperation at the interconnection points in Berehove and Beregdaróc which are fully compliant with the EU regulation and cross-border cooperation rules.

The interconnection agreement regarding the interconnectors between Hungary and Ukraine will be applicable from gas day January 1, 2020.

Earlier, in 2015, Hungarian operator FGSZ and Ukrainian former operator Ukrtransgaz signed the agreement based on the EU Network Code. Now Ukrainian and Hungarian sides agreed to smoothly continue their cooperation to ensure uninterruptible gas transmission between countries after January 1, 2020.

It is crucial to notice that from January 1, 2020, standard business rules will be applied in Berehove interconnection point as well, which was before that blocked for other network users by Gazprom’s long-term contract.

Thus, the new GTS operator has interconnection agreements with Poland, Romania and Hungary. The contract negotiations with Slovakia, and Moldova are currently running in a daily regime and expected to be signed in the nearest future.