Hroniki 20220322 (En)
Statе of operation of the Ukrainian GTS as of March 22, 2022, 12 a.m.

For the previous day, on March 21, GTSOU transported 93.5 million cubic meters of natural gas for Ukrainian infrastructure and consumers. The company promptly responds to the risks of ensuring a reliable gas supply and, if necessary, changes gas transportation routes in coordination with GDSOs (gas distribution system operators).

GTSOU keeps complete operational and technological control over the operations of the Ukrainian GTS. We are grateful to the military, the security and protection sector of Ukraine, and local administrations for helping our colleagues perform functions of natural gas supply to Ukrainians. The company continues rebuilding infrastructure damaged as a result of hostilities. For the previous day, GTSOU carried out repair works on the main gas pipeline Luhansk-Lysychansk-Rubizhne, restoration works on eliminating damages on CS Maryivka in the Mykolaiv region, and on other GTS objects.

The total number of disconnected gas distribution stations in Ukraine remains the same – 40 GDSs, which were stopped due to the damage to GDSOs networks and active hostilities.