July, 30, 2020
Starting from August 1, 2020 in the template for submission of nominations/renominations it becomes obligatory to indicate the number of a periodic customs declaration. All nominations/renominations submitted without proper indication of the number of the periodic customs declaration will become subject for rejection due to non-compliance with the requirements specified in paragraph 14 Chapter I Section IX. More info

July, 22, 2020
LLC Gas TSO of Ukraine minimizes the terms of repair of the section of the gas pipeline “Looping 4” from 7 to 3 weeks. We found an opportunity to follow the requests of market participants and carry out repair works from 1st till and including 21st September 2020. In such a way, network users will be able to use the already purchased capacities in August 2020 without any interruptions. More info

June, 23, 2020
LLC Gas TSO of Ukraine informs Network Users about changes in the plan of repair works. These changes apply to the new repair works at IP Budince that will lead to the complete stop of physical transportation through the IP Budince from August 11, 2020. The estimated maximum duration of repair works is until October 1, 2020. More info