Incremental capacity process (non-binding phase)

Incremental capacity process at the interconnection points

Non-binding phase

GTSOU will conduct market demand assessment of incremental capacity for interconnection points in accordance with requirements of points 1 and 2 of Subsection 1 of Section XX of the GTS Code. Assessment of potential demand on incremental capacity will be conducted from 3 July until 28 August 2023 inclusive (during 8 weeks). In the mentioned period all network users will have the right to submit non-binding indications.

  1. Submissionof a non–binding indication through Informational Platform of LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine”

Filled in template in Ukrainian or English in electronic (formats .docx or .pdf), using the existing account, it has to be uploaded and submitted to Informational Platform of LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine” by means of the transaction «ZIP_CAPACITY_MARKET» (Instructions for downloаding the non-binding demand indications for incremental capacity in the IPlatforma system).

  1. Submission of a non-binding demand indication through GSA auction platform

To participate in the market demand assessment for incremental capacity on GSA Platform, you must have a registered and authorized account (Instructions for registration on GSA auction platform). Registered and authorized on the GSA auction platform network users have to submit a request using the functionality of the platform to activate the relationship type “market research”.

By following the link, you can find the Step-by-Step Instructions on GSA Platform for participating in the market demand assessment on incremental capacity for interconnection points.

Pay attention! When submitting a non-binding demand indication through GSA Platform:

(1) indicate the name of the interconnection point in the “additional information” field;

(2) indicate in the field “additional information” the data specified in the non-binding demand indication for the specified interconnection point, which you have submitted or are going to submit to the adjacent TSO;

(3) in case you have not submitted and do not intend to submit a non-binding demand indication to the adjacent TSO – indicate in the field “additional information” that the information has not been provided and will not be provided to the adjacent TSO.

(4) If you are interested in a product of a shorter period (quarter, month) than the gas year – indicate this in the “additional information” field on the GSA Platform. 

  1. Submission of a non-binding demand indication by sending at the postal address of LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine”

Non-binding demand indication in paper in Ukrainian or English may be sent by a network user at the postal address of LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine” (03065, Kyiv, Ukraine, 44 Liubomyra Huzara Ave). In addition, we are kindly asking to send us a scanned copy of the non-binding demand indication at the electronic address for more efficient processing. The non-binding demand indication will be considered only in case when the non-binding demand indication is obtained in paper.