Informational Platform (IP)

Extracts from regulations related to using the information platform _EN.pdf

Regulation on accesses to Information Platform _EN.pdf

To start interaction with the Information Platform, you need to:

List of qualified providers of electronic trust services (EDS) at the link:

Please note that it is desirable to obtain several EDS from different providers of electronic trust services to prevent problems with technical work, which is sometimes carried out by qualified providers of electronic trust services. 

In order to obtain access to the Information platform of LLC “Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine”, the following documents should be submitted:

Natural gas market entities (users), which have access to the Information Platform in the person of the CEO of such entity (private entrepreneur), must provide the TSO with a notification on provision of specimen of digital signatures, which shall include a sample personal signature and indicate the serial number of the electronic digital signature of such person.

To log in to the IPlatforma system, use the following links using your Internet browser (preferably please use the common Internet browsers Google Chrome, Safari, etc.):

We recommend to follow the instructions below to log in to the Information Platform and set up your work:

An API (Application Programming Interface) has been configured to generate and download standardized report files, as well as to automatically share these files through a secure exchange protocol. To gain access to the Information Platform using authorized API requests and the AS4 exchange protocol, you must submit an Application:

Operational information of the Information platform

Nomination submission

Updating consumer registries