Connection to the GTS/ termination and restoration of transmission

Connection to the GTS

The methodology for setting fees for connection to gas transmission and gas distribution systems, approved by the NEURC resolution of 24 December 2015 No. 3054:
According to the Methodology, the cost for works performance on the development and issuance of technical conditions for connection to the GTS for third-party consumers for 2021 is UAH 16 121.10 excluding VAT (sixteen thousand one hundred twenty-one hryvnias 10 kopecks), VAT – 3 224.22, total with VAT – UAH 19 345.32 (PDF).

View the application and the questionnaire for connection.

Suspension/resumption of transportation

The cost of work on the termination/restoration of natural gas transmission at the exit points to direct consumers (from 01.01.2021) – PDF.

View the standard contract for the works performance on the termination/resumption of natural gas transmission between the gas transmission system operator and the natural gas supplier;
or samples of requests of network users, whose facilities are directly connected to the gas transmission system on the termination/resumption of natural gas transmission by the link.


Contact persons for suspension/resumption of natural gas transmission

Contact person:
Maksym Todorov
(044) 461-21-25


Contact person:
Serhii Sokolov
(044) 239-78-51