Gas quality

LLC “Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine” carries out transportation of natural gas for consumers of Ukraine from various suppliers – JSC “Ukrgazvydobuvannya”, PJSC “Ukrnafta” and other private production companies.

When accepting natural gas into the main gas pipelines of LLC “ Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine “, it’s quality must be checked. At the same time, LLC “ Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine” only transports natural gas supplied to the main gas pipelines and does not have the technical ability to degrade or change it’s quality.

It should be noted that natural gas of the same quality as for Ukrainian consumers is supplied to European countries.

Gas transportation through gas distribution networks and gas supply to residential buildings is carried out by gas supply companies (regional gas companies or municipal gas companies), which are responsible for the quality of natural gas supplied to end consumers.

In case of doubt as to the quality of natural gas, the Consumer has the right to apply to the relevant territorial bodies of the Technical Regulation Department of the Ministry of Economic Development for an extraordinary inspection of the quality of natural gas.

Routes for determining physical and chemical parameters of gas: from gas sampling points to the consumer (as of June 11, 2021):

List of routes on LPM

Addition to the routes of LLC Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine

Berdychiv LPMPD

Bibrkа LPMPD

Bohorodchany LPMPD

Boyarka LPMPD

Zakarpattia LPMPD

Zaporizhzhia LPMPD

Zolotonoshy LPMPD

Kramatorsk LPMPD

Kremenchuk LPMPD


Mykolaiv LPMPD


Kharkiv LPMPD

We emphasize that LLC “Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine” transmits to gas distribution networks natural gas of proper quality, which corresponds to p.13 of Chapter 1 Section III of the Gas Transportation Code.

At the same time, the weighted average lower heat of combustion of natural gas supplied to Consumers of Ukraine is more than 8200 kcal/m3 (at the norm of the Gas Transportation Code 7800 kcal/m3).