Gas TSO of Ukraine is grateful to its colleagues and international partners for their support during this difficult time for Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the war, GTSOU has received offers of technological assistance from 18 gas TSOs from 14 European countries: Poland, Slovakia, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary and Ireland.

Together with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, Gas TSO of Ukraine is negotiating with ENTSOG, as well as with the World Bank and USAID on the centralized procurement of critical MTR for the Ukrainian gas transportation system.

Together to victory!

Diesel fuel, centralizers, electrodes and humanitarian aid – how gas TSO’s from all over Europe are helping

Polish GTS operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. supplied generators and computer equipment for GTSOU needs

German company ONTRAS assisted in restoration work on damaged sections of the Ukrainian GTS

Spanish-Ukrainian cooperation : GTS operator Enagas provided equipment and materials for works at GTSOU facilities

The Czech TSO NET4GAS handed over a powerful generator for the needs of Gas TSO of Ukraine

PGNiG and the Polish Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves helped GTSOU to receive welding equipment and a generator

Gas TSO of Ukraine received 101 generators and 9,000 meters of cable from the Italian TSO Snam

Thanks to the ECS-USTF, ERCC and the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, GTSOU received equipment and materials from TotalEnergies in Denmark

German Transmission Grid Operator Open Grid Europe donated three vehicles to Ukraine

British gas transmission company National Grid donated equipment and tools to GTSOU – “to keep Ukrainians’ homes warm.”

How European gas TSOs help Ukraine prepare for the heating season


Gas TSO of Ukraine helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine in resisting Russian invaders, supports Ukrainians in times of war, cares for the protection of employees and their families, and provides humanitarian assistance to those in need.

Since February 24, the company and its employees have spent UAH 5.8 million on the country’s defense needs. GTSOU employees voluntarily deduct part of their salary to help purchase military ammunition – helmets, bulletproof vests, high-quality tactical footwear, goggles, gloves, and the necessary technical equipment upon the military’s requests. Modern and efficient kits will be an added advantage for our fighters at the front.

Many of the company’s employees currently serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so part of the raised funds was directed to their urgent needs. GTSOU continues raising funds to protect its colleagues currently defending our country.

We help to build fortifications for the defense of Ukrainian cities and hand over the necessary equipment to the Ukrainian military on our own. As of June 13, 2022, GTSOU provided the military with 250 units of equipment.

The company’s divisions in the regions help the territorial defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine by means of:

LPUs and the trade union organized the relocation of families of workers from risk areas, they are transporting medicine, food and fuel for colleagues in combat zones.

Our employees come together to support their villages and towns: they are supporting the relocated families, taking care of the elderly and sick and joining volunteer initiatives.

We are holding Ukraine’s energy rear securely and helping strengthen the military front.

Everything will be Ukraine, because Ukraine is each of us!