Registration on the auction platform

GSA Platform

In order to register as a Shipper on the GSA platform, such steps should be taken:

  1. Follow the link and get familiar with documents on the operation of the auction platform. GSA Platform Rules in English can be downloaded here – PDF (#3).
  2. Send the following documents to the e-mail address

– Scanned and signed power of attorney for performing the registration actions on the GSA platform – Power of attorney for GSA (in English);
– Scanned current extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Natural Persons-Entrepreneurs and Public Formations with a notarized translation of the extract into English.

  1. Perform registration actions on the GSA platform in the status of Shipper. During the process of registration, accept the rules for using the GSA auction platform. The Instruction on the GSA Platform for a Network User (Shipper) in English can be downloaded here – PDF (#4).

It is important that the data entered during the electronic registration would be completely identical to the data specified in the documents in paragraph 2.

  1. Wait for the e-mail with confirmation of registration. After that, you will be able to confirm the registration of the following users who represent the network user.

RBP Platform

If you are not currently a registered Network User on the RBP platform, you need to:

  1. Get acquainted with the Rules of the RBP Auction Platform. The document in English can be downloaded here – PDF (#5).
  2. Conclude in writing a Network User Membership Agreementwith FGSZ (in English).
  3. Send the following documents to the e-mail addresses rbp@fgsz.huand

– Scanned signed copy of the Network User Membership Agreement;
– Scanned signed power of attorney for performing actions on the RBP platform – PDF (#7).

  1. Send the Membership Agreement (2 copies) for signing to the FGSZ and send a copy of the power of attorney for actions related to booking to the postal address specified in the Network User Membership Agreement: Tanácsház utca 5, Siófok 8600, HUNGARY, Attention: FGSZ Ltd., RBP.
  2. After processing documents, RBP Platform Operator – contact person specified in power of attorney will receive the *.cer format file in order to be able to pass registration of Network User on the RBP website.

In order to register an account, you need to fill in the electronic form at the link on the RBP portal:

Then you will obtain the letter for activation at your e-mail.

  1. After clicking on the link in the letter or using the link you need to click on the RBP Registration tile and continue the registration using the file in *.cer format. This process is described in detail in Section 1 of the Multifactor Authentication Guide (#10). As a result, the user will receive a login and password by e-mail with registration credentials.
  2. Carry out the step of enabling multifactor authentication, for which follow the rules of the Multifactor Authentication Guide (#10).
  3. Using the login / password and the RSA SecurID password generator, you can enter the productive and test modes of RBP simultaneously.

Please note that with the help of this authentication you are given access only to the capacity auctions of Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC. To access the auctions of other TSOs, you must obtain an electronic certificate that meets the following criteria (#11). For more information on access to auctions of other TSOs, please contact

The Instruction for using the RBP Platform for Network Users in English can be downloaded here – PDF (#8).

Attention! When registration at auction platforms it is prohibited to use multi-user email addresses. It is allowed to use personal email addresses only.