20231206 Сustomer support (site)
Client-oriented: GTSOU responds to customer requests, communicates and simplifies process designs

In September 2023, LLC Gas TSO of Ukraine conducted its second questionnaire of customers that use its transmission services. Based on its findings, the TSO has already provided a number of clarifications to customers, updated a number of user instructions, as well as started preparing the first stage of simplification of nomination submission and relevant training.

“Working on the gas market requires high qualifications both from the customer and from the service provider, since our processes depend not only on the technical capabilities of the information platform, but also on the requirements of the legislative and regulatory framework. It is important for us to know the level of customer requirements and that the process of interaction be simple, comfortable and intuitive. The clients provided very useful comments and suggestions that defined our team’s priority areas for improvement,” the GTSOU’s commercial director Vadym Rybachuk said.

This year, the customers’ questionnaire covered four areas:

  1. capacity booking and payments for it;
  2. use of auction platforms;
  3. dispatching (submission of nominations);
  4. contact center (evaluation of customer service).

“By the results of the questionnaire, we provided necessary clarifications to customers and updated a number of user instructions. We are currently analyzing processes in which technically small changes can significantly simplify and facilitate the work of our customers. We are working on simplifying the nomination submission process,” Vadym Rybachuk said.

The TSO professionals are currently working on the first stage of simplifying nomination submissions. Before launching the updated process design, the GTSOU will hold training meetings with customers, both resident and non-resident ones. The Company will also update relevant instructions contained on its information platform.

The TSO has already simplified the four transactions preceding submission of nominations for interconnection points, namely keeping records of shipper codes, shipper pairs, periodic customs declarations (PCD) and invoices. The TSO has managed to reduce the number of “clicks” a customer has to make during these transactions by 60%.

Based on the previous customers’ questionnaire, GTSOU implemented a number of changes and updates, including the creation of a separate section on the TSO’s website called “Customs clearance” and the implementation of new transactions, namely “Electronic office”, “Report of nominations, re-nominations” and “Report on Paid Capacity”. Apart from that, upon customers’ suggestion, the process of submission of documents required for customs clearance of natural gas on the part of the SSO (JSC “Ukrtransgaz”) to the GTSOU’s information platform has been automated.