Short-haul Jan-May 2020 eng
Demand for short-haul increases every month: 802 million m3 have been transported starting from the beginning of the year

June 02, 2020, Kyiv – In May 2020, transmission volumes through the short-haul mode increased to 470.1 million m3, which is 80% or 208 million m3, more than in April. The demand for the short-haul service increases every month, especially among foreign traders: starting from the beginning of the year such service has been used by 15 non-resident customers and 2 Ukrainian companies.

In total, starting from the beginning of the year, Ukraine has received 802 million m3 of gas through the short-haul mode. About 151 million m3 came from Poland, 76 million m3 – from Slovakia and 575 million m3 – from Hungary.

Country of (entry) short-haul, mil m3 January February      March        April         May       Total


8,7 20,9 39,3 6,8




0,002 8,9 53,6 88,6




5,9 25,6 169,0 374,7




14,6 55,4 261,9 470,1


Almost all short-haul volumes were transferred by traders to underground gas storages to be stored in the “customs warehouse” mode. In total, starting from the beginning of the year, LLC TSO of Ukraine, in accordance with customers’ bookings, sent 2.2 billion m3 of gas to the UGS Operator for storage in the “customs warehouse” (including short-haul volumes).

Also, during 5 months of the year 2020, test transit operations were carried out in the short-haul mode on the routes Slovakia-Hungary, Slovakia-Poland and Hungary-Slovakia, as well as, from the customs warehouse to Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

For a note, the short-haul service, introduced by the LLC Gas TSO of Ukraine on January 1, 2020, allows the company’s customers to book gas transmission between Eastern European countries through Ukraine at a favorable tariff rate. Additionally, together with service “customs warehouse” offered by the UGS Operator (JSC “Ukrtransgaz”), foreign and domestic clients receive convenient and attractive conditions for the gas storage in Ukrainian underground storage facilities.