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During the war, every help is precious

The tradition of volunteering, particularly donation, has a long and wonderful history in the Gas TSO of Ukraine. Since the outbreak of war, blood donation has obtained a new purpose – to help Ukrainian defenders. On June 24, another blood donation action took place in the Company.

The team of the Kyiv Clinical Hospital turned Company’s cabinets into a small and comfortable hospital. In total, 44 employees donated 22.5 liters of blood. Among the donators – are many experienced donors and those who joined the action for the first time in life. All the money paid for blood donation was transferred to the fund of employees who currently serve in the army.

Colleagues from the regional offices, in particular from Sumy, Romny, Dnipropetrovsk, and Kherson industrial units – have also joined the initiative to donate blood for the needs of our defenders from the Armed Forces.

Noteworthy is that blood can be stored only for a limited period. Consequently, blood should be donated on a regular basis to save lives. Donating blood is an easy way to help people: one donation can save as many as three lives.

Sincere thanks to all colleagues who donate their blood. The term “donor” comes from the Latin “donare” – which means “to give”. In the case of blood donation, the gift for the recipient is often life. In wartime, when the Armed Forces are bravely defending Ukraine, we must do everything in our power to save the lives of every soldier.

Donate blood, save lives!