Gas TSO of Ukraine joins the GSA Platform as a TSO Member

The GSA Platform Operator and Ukrainian transmission system operator LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine” concluded an agreement to allocate the capacities of the PL-UA interconnection points via the GSA Platform. First commercial auctions to be held will be auctions of yearly products for gas year 2020/2021 and will be conducted in line with the requirements of the European Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms in gas transmission systems (Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/459 – CAM NC) and the ENTSOG capacity auctions calendar.

Market participants will be able to book the capacity of the PL-UA interconnection points for the gas year 2020/2021 by participating in the auction of a yearly product scheduled for July 6, 2020, as well as in following auction procedures for quarterly, monthly and short term products. The schedule  and product details will be available on the GSA Platform website in the Auction Calendar section.

Regarding further details UA TSO and GSA Platform operator will further inform market participants.