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Gas workers repaired the gas pipeline and launched two GDSs in the de-occupied Kherson Region

Since the first days of the liberation of Kherson Region, a special mobile brigade of the Zaporizhzhia MPLPD has been working on resuming gas transportation to the residents. The specialists of GTSOU have already located and eliminated the damage to the gas pipeline, as well as resuming the operation of two gas distribution stations, which supply natural gas to communities with almost 30,000 residents.

To ensure the safe work of the employees of GTSOU, the sappers from the State Emergency Service must first check the infrastructure for mines. The sappers have repeatedly detected explosive objects close to and directly on the territory of the GTS facilities.

Later, the gas workers check the condition of the equipment at the facility; identify the damage caused and possible thefts by the occupiers. For example, household appliance and office equipment is missing at some facilities.