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GTSOU and Czech operator NET4GAS discussed cooperation between the Czech Republic and Ukraine in hydrogen energy sector

Representatives of the GTS Operator of Ukraine took part in a Czech-Ukrainian meeting dedicated to cooperation between the two countries in the field of hydrogen energy. The key goal of the event, organised by the Energy Association “Ukrainian Hydrogen Council,” was to elaborate specific areas of such cooperation, develop plans for joint research activities and discuss investment opportunities in the field of hydrogen energy.

The discussion was primarily focused on the establishment of the “Central European Hydrogen Corridor,” the idea of which consists in creating a pipeline for the transportation of hydrogen from promising production areas in Ukraine to areas of high demand in the EU via Slovakia and the Czech Republic. GTSOU representatives also discussed with their Czech colleagues the prospects of the Operator’s participation in the H2EU + Store project, as well as in projects for the development of so-called “hydrogen valleys,” particularly in Transcarpathia.

From Ukrainian side, in addition to the GTS Operator, the meeting was attended by representatives of UDP Renewables, Hydrogen Ukraine, DTEK Group, Naftogaz of Ukraine and the Institute of Renewable Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The Czech delegation included representatives of the state gas pipeline operator NET4GAS, those of the Valcon International engineering company, the ABO Valve company, the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, as well as a representative of CzechTrade.