GTSOU and Ukrtransgaz presented conditions for the new gas injection season to foreign traders

The GTS Operator of Ukraine – together with JSC “Ukrtransgaz,” operator of gas storage facilities, – jointly held a shippers-meeting – an annual partnership event engaging representatives of the European Commission, NEURC, the European Federation of Energy Traders (ETE), Polish GTS operator “Gaz-System”, as well as key customers of transportation and storage services. During the event, GTSOU and Ukrtransgaz presented opportunities for traders during the 2024/2025 injection season.

The event was held with the support of the Energy Community Secretariat and Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy.

The GTSOU’s team presented an analysis of Ukraine’s gas market and conditions for the use of Ukraine’s gas infrastructure during the upcoming injection season. Particularly, during the 2024/2025 season, all firm capacities at the EU-Ukraine cross-border interconnection points (with Slovakia, Poland and Hungary) will be preserved and available for reservation and use, regardless of flows through any other interconnection points. Taking into account the fourfold increase (if compared with 2022) in the volume of gas transportation by foreign customers for storage in Ukraine last year, the GTSOU’s representatives reminded that there are no physical restrictions for the re-export of gas injected into Ukraine’s underground storage facilities.

The GTS Operator’s priority projects for 2024 include the preservation of current conditions for customers for the entire duration of the 2024/25 season, as well as an increase in the number of available gas transportation routes to Ukraine’s underground storages.

GTSOU is working together with the national regulator for energy (NEURC) to prolong the effect of the current short-haul tariffs until April 1, 2025. Another area of the Operator’s work is ensuring diversification of routes and sources of potential gas deliveries to Ukraine. To that end, in July 2024, GTSOU will hold, together with the operators of adjacent countries, auctions for access to the new (increased) capacity in order to create a firm capacity for gas transportation from Poland, as well as from the Trans-Balkan direction as part of the Vertical Corridor initiative.