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GTSOU ended 2021 with record results in terms of GTS modernization

The execution of production programs of Gas TSO of Ukraine (GTSOU) for 2021 amounted to UAH 8.1 billion. This is the highest figure in recent years.

The money has been used to upgrade engineering and transport infrastructure facilities, repairs, maintenance and diagnostics of the gas transmission system. This is a required work package to maintain the GTS in the proper condition to ensure uninterrupted gas transportation to Ukrainian and European consumers.

Compressor stations

The most significant projects are the reconstruction of priority compressor stations, which will be used under any transit scenarios in the coming years. These are CS Bar, KS Yahotyn, CS Dykanka, CS Berdychiv, CS-16 Oleksandrivka, CS Dolyna-2, CS Krasyliv, CS Uzhhorod, CS Komarno, CS Bogorodchany.

Our CSs are being reconstructed:

  • using the world’s best technical solutions;
  • based on the principles of investment self-sufficiency;
  • ensuring “mechanical protection” of the operation;
  • achieving maximum cost savings;
  • taking into account increased ecological requirements and new decabronization trends.

The Linear Part of the GTS

Gas TSO of Ukraine pays special attention to overhaul of sections of main gas pipelines (MGP), reconstruction and repairs of Gas Pumping Units (GPU), Gas Distribution Stations (GDS). In particular, more than 140 km of MGP sections underwent repair with replacement of insulation coating and partial replacement of pipes; over 1000 units of equipment at GDS, major repairs of 47 Gas Pumping Units were performed.

Diagnostics of MGP

In 2021, the In-line inspection of almost 2 thousand km of main gas pipelines was carried out, namely, 8 sections of Urenhoy – Pomary -Uzhhorod MGP and 7 sections of the Progress MGP. GTSOU completed all the scheduled works together with ROSEN, the world leader in In-line inspection technologies, which is one of the few unique providers of such services worldwide. The data obtained as a result of inspections will be used for further planning prioritization of repair works.

Cooperation with Ukrainian manufacturers

Most of the suppliers and manufacturers of equipment involved in production programs are domestic companies. Special mention should be made of our unique cooperation with the Zorya-Mashproekt Research and Development Complex within the framework of overhaul and maintenance of gas turbine engines, as a result of which the engines lifetime will be extended by 20,000 hours.

The purpose of the modernization program of Gas TSO of Ukraine is to ensure reliability, safety, maneuverability and continuity of gas transportation, and as a result, a competitive tariff for all network users. Even with a significant reduction in transit after 2024, the system has to be operating in a stable manner.

“Modernization and optimization of the Ukrainian GTS is a guarantee of Ukraine’s energy security and uninterrupted gas transportation to Ukrainian and European consumers. Despite the “green deal”, for many years to come, natural gas will be in demand for economic and household needs. GTSOU is responsible for reliable and safe operation, maintenance and development of the gas transmission system. By 2025, we are planning to entirely complete the reconstruction of 10 key compressor stations used for transporting Ukrainian gas, thereby ensuring stable operation of the GTS for the next 20-30 years, independent of the availability of gas transit. We actively work and execute large volumes of work within tight timelines, and the record figures for 2021, as compared with previous years, prove that. It is important for us to cooperate with Ukrainian companies – manufacturers of high-quality materials, components and equipment, as this not only creates jobs in the country and revives our own innovations, but also lays the foundation for timely and quality warranty servicing of GTS in the future,” said Sergiy Makogon , General Director of Gas TSO of Ukraine .

Plans for 2022

In 2022, GTSOU plans to put into operation CS Yahotyn and CS Bar, which are currently undergoing reconstruction. In particular, at CS Yahotyn, a new compressor shop with four GPUs manufactured by JSC Sumy Machine Building Science-and-Production Association – Engineering and driven by gas turbine engines, manufactured by the state enterprise Zorya-Mashproekt, 16 MW each with the necessary engineering infrastructure will be put into operation.

Besides, it is planned to start the design work for CS Dykanka, CS Berdychiv, CS-16 Oleksandrivka, CS Dolyna-2, CS Krasyliv. In 2022, GTSOU will complete the feasibility study and carry out the procurement procedures for works on “turnkey” project basis for CS Komarno, CS Uzhhorod and CS-21 Bogorodchany.

“Despite all the difficulties, this year GTSOU team has done a commendable job executing the production program and upgrading the infrastructure. This result was made possible by high-quality preparation and organization of work, effective interaction with contractors and suppliers. My thanks to all colleagues for their professionalism and efficiency.2022 presents new tasks and poses new challenges to us, but I am sure that GTSOU team will cope with them,” commented Yurii Ziabchenko, Chief Engineer of Gas TSO of Ukraine.