GTSOU enhances the transparency of its operations in the gas market

Gas TSO of Ukraine has completed the development of a project for digital integration of the information platform with external platforms of gas market participants. This integration ensures transparency in market and provides free access to required analytical information.

The company’s specialists developed the functionality for the GTSOU information platform, allowing the company to build a scalable and secure system for information exchange using state-of-the-art data exchange protocols. API Query tool (Application Programming Interface) was configured, allowing to generate and upload standardized file-reports, and also an automatic exchange of these files via the secure AS4 exchange protocol was set up.

“Gas TSO of Ukraine is constantly working to enhance the transparency of its operation and provide more services to its customers. Digital integration of the information platform allowed to build an open reference model of electronic data exchange between the GTSOU information platform and the platforms of gas market participants in accordance with the recommendations of the European Association for the Streamlining of Energy Exchange (EASEE) and in line with the recommendations of the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSOG),” said Ievgen Todorov, Commercial Director of GTSOU.

The tool provides for the exchange of standardized form file reports containing information on:

  • marginal purchase and sale prices;
  • nomination / renomination processing status;
  • previous imbalance;
  • final imbalance;
  • final allocation of consumer withdrawals;
  • preliminary allocation of consumer withdrawals;
  • trading notification processing status;
  • final allocation;
  • preliminary allocation;
  • consumer registry in SoLR (suppliers of last resort).

To gain access to authorized API queries, please submit an Application, available at the link.