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GTSOU inspected more than a thousand kilometers of main gas pipelines

Despite all the difficulties of wartime and daily danger, the employees of Gas TSO of Ukraine (GTSOU) inspected more than a thousand kilometers of the linear part of the main gas pipelines (LPMGP) in 2022. The In-line Inspection is performed together with ROSEN. Europe B. V., the world leader in this field.

Providing uninterrupted transportation of vitally important resources to Ukrainian and European consumers is the priority of GTSOU’s operations. That is why, despite the armed aggression of russian federation, the Company continues to carry out works on In-line Inspection.

For 9 months of the current year, the inspection of LPMGP has been successfully carried out:

–             DN 1400 – 797.80 km;

–             DN 1000 – 360.53 km.

The inspection is performed according to European standards using various techniques, allowing for a detailed examination of the actual condition of the gas pipelines.

“Reliable GTS is a national energy security issue. That is why, even during hostilities, the GTSOU team continues to perform a large amount of work to maintain it in a proper condition. Timely detection and elimination of defects reduce the risks of emergency situations, therefore we use the most effective modern method of monitoring the state of metal and welded joints of thousands of kilometers of main pipelines. This work is extremely important, as the heating season approaches,” said Yurii Ziabchenko, Chief Engineer of GTSOU.

Based on the results of the reports already obtained, the experts have identified sections requiring increased attention and repair work, thus ensuring the reliability of the gas transmission system.

In addition, in August 2022, ROSEN Europe B. V. conducted training for GTSOU personnel on working with the “ROSOFT” software for processing reports after inspections. Our colleagues have received qualification certificates and will be able to quickly process the results of the inspection of every centimeter of the Ukrainian GTS.

By the end of 2022, GTSOU plans to inspect more than 2 thousand kilometers of the linear part of the main gas pipelines.