20210923 OZP
GTSOU makes infrastructure ready for heating season

Gas TSO of Ukraine is implementing the necessary measures to ensure reliable gas transportation to Ukrainian and European consumers during the autumn-winter period (AWP). Throughout May-August this year, a significant amount of work had been performed at the GTS facilities and the material and technical base had been renewed for the amount of almost UAH 400 mln, representing 98.2% of the planned expenses for the preparation for the winter period.

During the four months of planned preparations for the autumn-winter period, GTSOU performed a significant amount of works to ensure smooth passage of the heating season 2021/2022, namely:

  • overhaul of 23.1 km of pipelines’ linear part (85.2% of the plan);
  • routine repair of 63 cathodic electrochemical protection stations (almost 78.8% of the plan)
  • overhaul of 10 gas pumping units (90.9% of the plan)
  • repairs to 617 automatic control and alarm systems at gas distribution stations and 179 at compressor stations
  • examination of 202 above-water and 355 underwater pipeline crossings of water bodies;
  • examination of boilers, repair of boiler houses, heating mains, and cable power lines.

The Company has also performed all the necessary scheduled preventive maintenance works that affect the safety of gas transportation to Europe and which are agreed upon with the transporter countries.

“The preparation for the autumn – winter period is progressing, meeting the planned targets, and the GTS infrastructure continues to be reliable and efficient. We are prepared for challenges and possible non-standard situations. After all, our priority remains unchanged – the safe, uninterrupted transportation of gas to Ukrainian and European consumers,” said Yurii Ziabchenko, Chief Engineer of GTSOU.

 One of the important measures to prepare the facilities of the Ukrainian fuel and energy sector for AWP 2021/2022 is the injection of natural gas into underground gas storage facilities (UGSFs) of JSC Ukrtransgaz. As of September 22, 2021, the volume of gas in UGSFs amounted to 18.7 billion cubic meters. The technical availability and capacity of the gas transportation system allowed to ensure the transportation of the required volume of natural gas for injection into the UGSFs.