GTSOU paid UAH 149 billion of taxes in 2020

March 11, 2021 – Gas TSO of Ukraine paid UAH 14 857 million of taxes accrued in 2020 to the state budget. In particular, the income tax amounted to UAH 7 378 million, value added tax (VAT) – UAH 5 964 million, the single social security tax – UAH 728 million, personal income tax (PIT) – UAH 696 million, other taxes – UAH 91 million.

The Company is one of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine.

“Gas TSO of Ukraine was established as a result of unbundling in 2020, and I believe that in the first year of our activity we have achieved significant results. Today GTSOU is in the TOP-10 Companies in terms of the amount of contributions to the state budget. The Company is constantly improving the efficiency of its activities, introducing new demanded products and services, improving its financial results, and thus maintaining the economic stability of the State”,– said Sergiy Makogon, CEO of GTSOU.

For comparison: the amount of taxes paid by GTSOU in 2020 is equal to a quarter of all state budget expenditures on social assistance to citizens in 2020.