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GTSOU reduced the use of natural gas for production and technological needs by a third, saving UAH 3 billion

In 2023, the GTS Operator of Ukraine reduced the use of fuel gas by 33% and its technological consumption by 59%. This allowed GTSOU to save over UAH 3 billion.

The use of natural gas is one of the biggest lines in GTSOU’s production costs, which is why the Company is always working on the optimisation and reduction of gas use for production and technological needs. “In 2023, implementation of a program comprising over 40 measures resulted in significant savings. GTSOU is comprehensively reviewing all processes related to losses caused by system leaks and consumption for gas transportation purposes. This significant result was achieved thanks to coordinated efforts of specialists from many different areas. Starting with the optimization of routine and repair works all the way to the dispatching staff’s rapid response and actions in emergency situations – all of this contributed to the result,” dispatching director Andrii Datsiuk, noted.

The Operator is working on the reduction of gas consumption by improving work regulations, replacing and modernising gas measuring equipment (transition from orifice meters to ultrasonic ones). Taking into account that Ukraine’s GTS operates in new modes that had not been originally foreseen by its design (reduction of transportation volumes, transportation in reverse mode), GTSOU’s specialists are conducting calculations and modelling new operation modes in order to reduce gas transportation-related consumption. Introduction of new software packages has been useful, too – particularly that of the SCADA system for remote data collection and infrastructure management, as well as of the Simone simulation and calculation complex.

“Apart from the GTS performance control, these systems allow us to quickly receive and analyse data in order to optimize, among other things, the use of fuel gas. For example, the Simone software package tailored for a specific task (new routes for the transportation of domestically produced gas, transportation to gas storage facilities, etc.) calculates the GTS operation mode, including calculations with regard to the use of fuel gas, which allows one to choose optimal options for the system’s operation,” Andrii Datsiuk explained.

As previously reported by the Ministry of Energy, in 2023, state companies in the gas production sector increased production volumes and put new wells into operation. “This year, our goal is to fully switch to the supply of consumers with domestically produced gas. This is a totally realistic objective, and I thank professionals of the gas sector, who work tirelessly to achieve the goals set,” Ukraine’s Minister of Energy German Galushchenko, noted.