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GTSOU takes part in annual Central European Energy Conference

On November 20th, Paweł Stanczak, Advisor at the GTSOU’s Representation in the EU, took part in the XVII Central European Energy Conference (Bratislava, Slovakia), appearing on the panel called “New dynamics on natural gas market”.

In his presentation, Mr. Stanczak analysed trends on the European gas market following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as vulnerabilities that remain in some European countries with regard to imports of Russian gas via Ukraine’s gas transmission system. In this context, he highlighted the Operator’s efforts to use its already existing infrastructure to create alternatives for such countries, which would help them after Russian gas transit through Ukraine stops. “We try to establish what we call the Vertical Corridor which connects the Balkans and Ukraine and to make it possible to deliver gas to the countries that still rely on Ukraine’s GTS, for example, Slovakia, Austria – and others, if they wish,” Mr. Stanczak elaborated.

During his speech, Mr. Stanczak also put a particular emphasis on the readiness of Ukraine’s GTS to the winter season, and how this benefits neighboring European countries. “Ukraine has done everything possible to make its gas storages ready for use before winter comes. The UGSs is something that we can offer to European markets, and we did a lot – including market-helping tools, like short-haul. It means that if you use Ukrainian UGSs you pay a relatively small tariff, do not have to pay taxes for 3 years and can put gas in underground storage waiting for a proper time when you, as a shipper, see the best margin in the market,” Mr. Stanczak detailed.