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GTSOU uses innovative equipment to save the environment

One of the priorities of the Gas TSO of Ukraine is to reduce natural gas leaks to achieve the environmental goals of the strategy and preserve the environment.

The GTSOU development strategy assumes the achievement of ambitious environmental goals that are synchronized with the European Green Deal. The main goal is to save the lives of future generations, and to do that, in the modern world, it is necessary to be more responsible with consumption and reduce the impact of production on the environment.

Given the specifics of the Сompany’s activities, the production losses of natural gas are inevitable, but we successfully identify and eliminate them. Sources of leaks in gas transmission systems occur due to leaky valve units and flanged and threaded connections.

Therefore, the GTSOU has created and is constantly updating a database on the state of all stop valves of the GTS, which ensures compliance with the EU requirements for reducing methane emissions. The leak monitoring system and the work of specialized mobile laboratories in the regions make it possible to achieve great results.

In 2021, 5 mobile laboratories examined up to 200 thousand units of devices – valves, flanges, etc., found almost 2.5 thousand sources of leaks and eliminated the volume of leaks of nearly 6 million cubic meters. It is equivalent to the annual gas consumption of about 4 thousand Ukrainian households.

Mobile laboratories equipped with modern equipment:

  • identify and eliminate natural gas leaks from the process equipment of the GTS
  • reduce the negative impact on the environment
  • improve the Company’s financial performance

Such laboratories are located at MPLPD industrial sites and examine the process equipment of compressor stations, gas distribution stations, gas metering stations, and MGPLP. The location of natural gas leaks is detected using electronic indication methods (gas analyzers and OGI cameras). In addition, we apply the practice of acoustic leak detection using special equipment – it allows us to identify the leak’s location instantly. In 2021 the Company introduced the use of high-quality natural gas leakage repair kits for its production divisions.

Indeed, the INSPECTRA® LASER GAZOMAT portable gas leakage analyzers determine the methane concentration, and Hi-Flow Sampler Bacharach measures the volume quantity in l/min. That is, the intensity and volume of gas leakage are determined.

Besides searching for and measuring gas leaks from GTS equipment, the laboratories remedy leaks themselves: they fill the problem fittings with gas-tight sealants.

3-4 professionals service such mobile laboratories. All measurements and works are performed by specialists who have undergone appropriate training and received international certificates.

It should be noted that mobile laboratories are subject to periodic certification by the established procedure for technical competence and independence of measurements, as well as verification of devices.

«Gas TSO of Ukraine is a responsible company that utilizes modern equipment in all production chains and cares about preserving the environment. We understand that big business today must meet environmental goals and support global green-deal trends, because this is the only way we can take care of people’s health and life», – said Pawel Stanczak, Deputy General Director for Development and Transformation of Gas TSO of Ukraine.