Vidbir Gazu (Sep)
How European gas TSOs help Ukraine prepare for the heating season

Since 2020, Gas TSO of Ukraine team has built strong partnerships with colleagues – gas transmission system operators across Europe. Because of this, since the first day of the full-scale invasion, our Company has been receiving technological assistance for prompt repair and restoration work on the Ukrainian GTS.

In particular, FGSZ, the Hungarian operator, with the participation of the Hungarian Ecumenical Charity, handed over to the GTSOU employees centralizers, tools for electrical installation works, voltage sensors, welding machines, cables, LED spotlights, etc. The equipment sent will undoubtedly be useful in the “field”. The help is especially relevant now, when the employees of Gas TSO of Ukraine are carrying out repairs in the de-occupied territories.

The mission of transferring/receiving technological assistance to GTSOU would be impossible without the assistance of Lviv Regional State Administration and its Head in logistical matters.

Gas TSO of Ukraine thanks FGSZ and other European gas TSOs, the Secretariat of the Energy Community on the basis of which the Task Force for Support of Ukraine (USTF) was created, charitable organizations, Lviv RSA, which by providing assistance and support in its receipt indirectly took part in the preparation of the Ukrainian gas transport infrastructure for the heating season.

From February 24, international technological assistance to Gas TSO of Ukraine has been provided by: GAZ-SYSTEM SA (Poland), ONTRAS (Germany), Bulgartransgaz EAD (Bulgaria), OGE (Germany), Fluxys (Belgium), Enagas (Spain), NET4GAS (Czech Republic), PGNiG (Poland), Snam (Italy), Petrom (Romania), TotalEnergies in Denmark (Denmark), National Grid Gas Transmission (Great Britain).

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