How the Ukrainian GTS strengthens the EU security of gas supply

The Ukrainian gas transportation network ensures uninterrupted gas transit to Europe while other pipelines halt instead due to repairs or accidents.

The Ukrainian GTS has been supporting Europe for a decade when other pipelines malfunction or undergo repairs. That is because our GTS is a unique, convenient, reliable and ramified system.

Our GTS is composed of several transit gas pipelines and has a significant reserve of stability and maneuverability. It was originally constructed to transit the gas to Europe, so it is not surprising that it was exactly the Ukrainian GTS that repeatedly served as a substitute covering for the capacities that were temporarily unavailable due to repairs and unscheduled events on other routes.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              click on the image to enlarge

During the periods when the operation of some pipelines was suspended due to repairs or other incidents, it was the Ukrainian route that supplied additional gas volumes to Europe.

Over the past 10 years, about 20 cases were recorded when diversified GTS of Ukraine easily increased the volume of transit to Europe to replace bypassing pipelines that had been halted. In total, more than 2.8 billion cubic meters of gas were additionally transported by our GTS in those cases.

This year, the incident on the Bulgaria’s gas network has forced Hungary, not being able to receive gas from the Turkish Stream, to increase imports from the Ukrainian UGSF stocks. The volumes required have been transported by GTSOU. Therefore, Ukraine can provide an additional level of the EU security both by increasing the volume of transit from Russia and by the prompt use of the gas stocks from Ukrainian underground storage facilities.