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In 2023, GTSOU conducted 2,189 environmental protection activities

Due to its sustainable environmental policy and measures to reduce environmental impact, in 2023, GTSOU’s emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere decreased by 35%, while the volume of CO2 emissions decreased by 32%, and that of methane emissions – by over 36% (compared to 2022). Apart from that, due to GTSOU’s responsible management of resources, its use of water decreased by 9.6%.

“At GTSOU, managerial decisions are taken with due regard to the environmental factor, including when it comes to equipment selection and modernisation. As a result, we have reduced emissions and consumption of natural resources in most areas. In 2024, the Company is set to carry on with ecological transformations. Particular attention will be paid to measures aimed at reducing methane emissions during transportation of natural gas. This will contribute to the implementation of Ukraine’s climate policy within the framework of its participation in the “Global Methane Pledge” – global initiative to reduce methane emissions,” – Mykyta Slobodyan, Head of GTSOU’s Division of Fuel and Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency and Environment, said.

GTSOU’s dedicated initiatives for 2024 particularly include performance of works to assess the environmental impact of compressor stations’ reconstruction. Works will be done with due regard to the maximum allowed emissions of gas pumping units as per European Directives, as well as to European standards and requirements to environmental reporting. Contractors performing the works at the Operator’s facilities will also be systematically informed about their possible impact on the environment. Finally, post-project monitoring measures will be carried out based on the conclusions of the environmental impact assessment.

Let it be reminded that GTSOU has implemented an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 14001:2015. The company submits annual reports in accordance with OGMP 2.0 standards.

Given the dynamic evolution of Ukraine’s environmental legislation and its harmonisation with European standards, there is a pressing need for constant training and professional development of the Company’s employees responsible for environmental protection. In 2024, 79 employees are scheduled for participation in trainings on waste management, environmental impact assessment, water quality control, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.