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In August 2023, Ukraine received about 1.1 billion cubic meters of gas from the EU and Moldova

Almost all western entry points to the Ukrainian GTS operate at full capacity

In August 2023, natural gas imports to Ukraine amounted to 1.096 billion cubic meters, 66% of which was distributed for storage in the “customs warehouse” mode. Under the short-haul service, 34% was received for the purpose of injecting to the “customs warehouse”. The main volumes were imported for storage in Ukraine by non-resident traders.

The leader in gas transportation to Ukraine this month is Slovakia, from which 611.8 million cubic meters or 56% of all August volumes were supplied. The volumes from the Hungarian direction amounted to 215.9 million cubic meters (about 20%). Moldova supplied 166.9 million cubic meters (15%), Poland supplied 98.4 million cubic meters (9%).

Such indicators show that the measures taken by the GTSOU together with adjacent operators and with the support of the Ministry of Energy, NEURC and the government made it possible to load additional directions that have appeared since 2022-2023, even by a higher percentage than the directions for which capacities have existed for many years.

In total, since the beginning of 2023, Ukraine has received more than 1.884 billion cubic meters of natural gas from EU countries and Moldova. July and August 2023 were distinguished by especially high demand among foreign traders for the services of Ukrainian GTS and UGS facilities for seasonal gas storage.

“Current data indicate that this situation will continue at least in September. So far, almost all western entry points to the Ukrainian GTS are operating at full capacity: Polish direction was used in July-August by 81%, Hungarian — by 89%, virtual reverse in Moldova — by 98%, and there is an opportunity to increase volumes from Slovakia,” noted General Director of GTSOU Dmytro Lyppa.

Recall that GTSOU and Ukrtransgaz conducted a simulation of stress scenarios for the Ukrainian gas infrastructure for the winter season of 2023/2024. According to the expert group, the simulated stress scenarios confirmed the high reliability of the Ukrainian gas infrastructure, in particular, the storage and transportation of gas to foreign Network Users, even in the face of military risk of damage to key assets.