Investment process at GTSOU: efficiency, transparency, control

The GTS Operator of Ukraine has adopted the Regulations of investment activities. The document designates the main guidelines for internal investment policies, regulates decision-making and ensures that adopted decisions correspond with the general strategy of the Company’s development.

The main advantages that the Regulations of investment activities will bring to the GTSOU’s operations include:

  • Structured nature of the investment process. The document establishes clear rules and procedures covering all stages of the investment process, starting with an idea’s launch and its initial evaluation all the way to project implementation control. This allows one to structure the investment management process and ensure a systematic approach to the formation of investment programmes.
  • Transparency of decision-making. The Regulations define the roles of participants of the process and scope of their responsibilities at all stages. They also introduce the model of collegial decision-making by the GTSOU’s management consisting in projects’ presentation and consideration at the investment committee’s meetings.
  • Effective use of resources. The project reasoning procedure involves finding the most optimal solutions among several alternatives, which allows one to focus on the implementation of the projects that ensure the most efficient use of funds.
  • Enhanced control. The Regulations introduce a procedure for monitoring the implementation of projects within the planned scope of works, budget and deadlines, as well as for tracking target performance indicators.
  • Increased chances for success. The principles of detailed planning set forth in the Regulations increase the chances of a given project for success by identifying and minimizing risks at its early stages.

“The Regulations’ implementation became the starting point for the creation of a reliable and effective system of investment management which opens up new horizons for the GTSOU’s development, productivity and stability. The document helps the Company to ensure the structured nature and effective distribution of resources, control and successful implementation of investment projects,” Oleksandr Tymofieiev, GTSOU’s Production Support Director, said.