Polish GTS operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. supplied generators and computer equipment for GTSOU needs

Poland has always been one of Ukraine’s key partners and remains so during the war with russian occupiers. Polish colleagues – GTS operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. – transferred 13 generators of various power capacity and computer equipment for GTSOU needs.

In the event of damage to power grids and blackout at infrastructure facilities, these generators will enable autonomous electricity supply. This will help GTSOU specialists to carry out repair and recovery operations on damaged GTS production facilities in a prompt manner. In addition, GTSOU gas distribution stations will be able to continue ensuring uninterrupted gas transit to our consumers.

So, in fact, the colleagues from Gaz-System have indirectly joined the process of supplying gas to Ukrainian homes and enterprises.

Computer equipment and generators have been sent to regional sites in Central and Eastern regions, where GTSOU facilities were damaged as a result of shelling by russian occupiers and ongoing hostilities.

Gas TSO of Ukraine is grateful to its Polish colleagues for their support.