State of operation of the Ukrainian GTS on March 13, 2022, 11 a.m.

Employees of GTSOU work on localizing the damage caused by shelling and resume gas transportation to Ukrainian consumers:

In the Donetsk region, repair crews of GTSOU joined in repairing damage to the city’s gas distribution networks in Vuhledar town, which is currently under fire from the occupiers. Together with the staff of Donetskoblgaz, our colleagues try to minimize emergencies and maintain gas supplies to the town.

In the Luhansk region, our team managed to launch the Popasna GDS, and 20,000 residents of the city are again with gas. However, as a result of a fire due to hostilities at the Rubizhne CPP (cardboard and packaging plant), the section of the Rubizhne GDS leading to the plant was shut down.

In the Mykolaiv region, enemy shells damaged objects of the GTS and a network of the regional gas distribution company. The Bashtanka and Prybuzke gas distribution stations were shut down. At the Bashtanka GDS, a projectile was hit, and due to active hostilities, the GDS operator could not approach the station. At GDS Prybuzke, the shell damaged automatic equipment; at the request of Mykolaivoblgaz, the station was stopped because of destruction in the city gas distribution networks. Also, at the request of the direct consumer gas, GTSOU stopped gas supply through GDS-1 Nikolaev, which feeds “Zorya”-”Mashproekt” research and production complex. From 3789 of the gas distribution stations – the last links of the gas transmission infrastructure leading to Ukrainian consumers – 37 remain disconnected at 10:00 on March 13.