Hroniki 20220323 (En)
State of operation of Ukrainian GTS as of March 23, 2022, 12 a.m.

For the previous day, on March 22, Gas TSO of Ukraine transported 88.4 million cubic meters of natural gas for Ukrainian infrastructure and consumers.

Due to hostilities from 1395 gas distribution stations, 41 GDSs in seven regions of Ukraine remain disconnected. Currently, the situation in the Luhansk region is the most difficult. Thus, on March 22, upon the request of the regional DSO, GTSOU stopped the work of GDS Popasna due to considerable damages to the gas distribution networks after heavy shelling of the town. A fire broke out on GDS Severodonetsk after a shell hit. None of the employees was injured, GTSOU employees eliminated the consequences, and the station remained in operation.

Despite difficult working conditions, GTSOU retains complete operational and technological control over the work of the Ukrainian GTS. Today, the company coordinates efforts with distribution system operators (DSOs) to quickly restore gas supply to Ukrainian settlements after repairing regional and city networks, as well as with regional electricity system operators (ESOs) to return power supply to GTS objects.