The Czech TSO NET4GAS handed over a powerful generator for the needs of Gas TSO of Ukraine

The Czech Republic helps Ukraine in keeping its defense not only on the military front, but also on the energy front. Our Czech colleague, TSO NET4GAS, handed over a powerful diesel generator to Gas TSO of Ukraine, as well as a number of repair designs that eliminate a wide range of pipeline damages.

The 68 kVA generator will be used by GTSO specialists during the repair works on the main gas pipelines. In particular, to ensure the operation of welding equipment, as well as equipment used to clean pipelines from anti-corrosion coating.

Generators are one of the main needs during the restoration works with electrical equipment in “field conditions”. Therefore, Gas TSO of Ukraine is very grateful to Czech partners for their support.

Thus, the Czech Republic will contribute not only to the restoration of armored vehicles for Ukraine, but also to the restoration of gas supply to Ukrainian homes.

Together to victory!