Vidbir Gazu (Sep)
The Greek TSO purchased powerful generators for GTSOU

DESFA, TSO of Greece, handed over new powerful diesel generators of 30 KW, 50 KW, 75 KW, and 100 KW to Gas TSO of Ukraine. In this way, our Greek colleagues decided to help GTSOU employees to carry out their activities in conditions of energy deficit to ensure uninterrupted gas transportation to Ukrainian consumers.

The DESFA company was among the first after the full-scale invasion to offer technological support. The generators will arrive soon at the industrial sites of GTSOU to provide emergency power.

This project of international assistance was implemented thanks to the teamwork of the Emergency Response Coordination Center (ERCC), the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, DESFA SA, and the Government Agency for Strategic Reserves (Rządowa Agencja Rezerw Strategiccznych – RARS).

The Gas TSO of Ukraine is grateful for the support.

Together towards the victory!