The GTS Operator of Ukraine Recognizes the Potential of Hydrogen, but the Priority is to Preserve the Gas Transit – Olga Bielkova

Ukraine is interested in the extraction and transportation of renewable gases. However, it will take decades for the market to be prepared for a scenario where methane will be displaced by pure hydrogen. A more promising approach in the coming years provides a mixture of natural and decarbonized gases – pointed out Olga Bielkova, Director on Government and International Affairs of Gas TSO of Ukraine, during her speech at the 27th European Gas Conference Flame-2021 in Amsterdam.

Given the structure of Ukraine’s economy and the duration of the heating season, natural gas will remain the main source of energy for Ukraine in the next 20-30 years.

If Europe is planning a gradual transit from natural gas to hydrogen, the necessity to maintain the infrastructure for hydrogen transportation should be taken into consideration as well already today. The carbon tax or other fiscal measures could become a real burden for countries’ economies. For instance, the inadequate funding on infrastructure activity may result in unpreparedness for hydrogen transportation when the time comes”, emphasized Olga Bielkova.

Consequently, the maintenance of continuous gas transit to Europe through Ukraine remains a priority task of the GTS Operator of Ukraine.

We are open to partnerships and cooperation on pilot projects related to new technologies. We see great potential of biomethane development in Ukraine”, Olga Bielkova concluded.