The volume of gas transported from Europe to Ukraine during 11 months of 2020 amounted to 15.6 billion cubic due to the orders of customers

December 3, 2020, Kyiv – During 11 months of 2020  Gas TSO of Ukraine has transported 15.6 billion cubic meters of gas from Europe to Ukraine according to its customer orders. This is 11% (1.6 billion cubic meters) more than for the same period last year and 34% higher than the average (11.7 billion cubic meters) of the corresponding periods in 2016-2019.

“In October-November we observe a significant reduction in gas transportation volumes from Europe to Ukraine and, at the same time, an increase in re-exports from Ukrainian UGS facilities to Europe. This situation is quite expected and typical for this period. After all, the autumn-winter season has started, and the traders who have been injecting the gas since the summer have started to withdraw it from Ukrainian UGSFs in order to supply it to European markets. This trend will continue until April“, explained Yevhen Todorov, Commercial Director of OGTSU.

In total, during 11 months of 2020, imports from Slovakia amounted to nearly 10.2 billion cubic meters (+12% compared with the same period last year), from Hungary – almost 3.9 billion cubic meters (+10%), from Poland – almost 1.6 billion cubic meters (+ 12%). In particular, by using the virtual reverse flow (backhaul), which was first  introduced in the beginning of this year, the amount of 45%, or 7.1 billion cubic meters had been imported: from Slovakia – almost 3.1 billion cubic meters, from Hungary – almost 2.9 billion cubic meters, from Poland – almost 1.1 billion cubic meters.

Since the beginning of the year, 10.1 billion cubic meters of imported volumes have been routed to underground storage facilities in the “customs warehouse” regime.  Some 60% of this volume (or 6.1 billion cubic meters) have been delivered in the “shorthaul – customs warehouse” mode and 40% (4.0 billion cubic meters) in the “border – customs warehouse” mode. In November, the phase of active withdrawal of gas from the customs warehouse and its further transportation to the EU countries has started.

A total of 82 traders, including 52 Ukrainian and 30 foreign companies have ordered gas transportation from the EU to Ukraine during the period of January-November. Besides, more than fifty companies, most of which are non-resident, used short-haul and customs warehouse services.

Since November 2015, the blue fuel has been supplied to Ukraine under the contracts exclusively from the countries of the European Union. Ukraine has no contract for gas supply from the Russian Federation.