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Ukraine’s gas imports from the EU exceed exports – based on 10 months’ results

In the first 10 months of 2021, Ukraine imported 2.535 billion cubic meters of gas, while export and re-export was 1.629 billion cubic meters.

In October 2021, the volume of natural gas transported from the EU to Ukraine amounted to 154.7 billion cubic meters. At the same time, exports together with re-exports of natural gas from Ukraine to European countries increased by 81% compared to September and amounted to 479.3 million cubic meters.

Gas imports decreased by 77%, or by 510 million cubic meters as compared to the previous month. After stopping the physical transit of gas to Hungary, the imports from this country to Ukraine decreased 16-fold, but did not halt completely due to the virtual reverse. In October, some 37 million cubic meters was imported from Hungary.

Instead, Slovakia became the leader in gas supplies to Ukraine, accounting for almost 75% (115.9 million cubic meters) of total imports. The imports from Poland dropped to 1.8 million cubic meters.

The exports and re-exports of gas in October increased by 81% compared to September due to the increase of gas supplies to Slovakia and amounted to 479.3 million cubic meters. Accordingly, customers exported 223 million cubic meters to Hungary, 191.7 million cubic meters to Slovakia, and some 53.3 million cubic meters to Poland.

Besides, in October, Moldova for the first time in many years ordered not only Russian gas, but also utilized the services of alternative suppliers. Five suppliers exported 11.2 million cubic meters of gas from Ukraine to Moldova.

“The balance of import-export of gas remains positive, after all, according to the results of 10 months of 2021, Ukraine received more gas than it exported. However, it should be noted that in September-October, the withdrawals from the customs warehouse exceed last year’s figures, especially in Hungarian direction. Starting from September, we have been observing how, amid the gas crisis in Europe, traders are increasing re-exports of gas from Ukraine, pumped to storage facilities in 2020. This proves the convenience and marketability of gas storage in Ukrainian UGSF as well as the short-haul product,” said Sergiy Makogon, General Director of GTSOU.

It should be recalled that starting from 1 October 2021, Gazprom stopped the transit of gas through the territory of Ukraine in the direction to Hungary. However, the exit capacity of the Ukrainian GTS to Hungary is contracted for the entire gas year (from 01.10.2021 to 30.09.2022) in the amount of 24.6 million cubic meters per day. Therefore, they will be paid by the customer regardless of the actual physical transit volumes.

October results show that the termination of physical gas transit to Hungary via Ukraine has significantly limited the ability of Ukrainian and foreign customers to import gas via this route. However, owing to the availability of alternative routes, the customers switched to imports from Slovakia.