20240423_Biomethane Forum
Ukraine’s gas transmission system provides biomethane producers with access to customers anywhere in Ukraine and Europe

Promoting the development of renewable gases (biomethane and hydrogen) market is part of the Ukraine’s GTS Operator’s updated strategy. It is namely the gas transmission system that can give an impetus to that industry’s development, as it can connect producers and consumers situated in different locations of our country or beyond, Kateryna Kovalenko, head of the GTSOU’s Strategy Division, emphasized during her speech at the First Ukrainian Biomethane Forum.

“Ukraine’s GTS is linked with four EU countries, which provides Ukrainian producers with an opportunity to export biomethane to Europe. In the difficult circumstances that biomethane producers currently face in Ukraine, export is next to the only business opportunity for the industry’s development,” Kateryna Kovalenko said.

She recalled the changes made to the Code of the GTS and approved by the NEURC in 2023, according to which connection of biomethane plants to the GTS via the gas distribution networks became possible. These changes give small producers access to the GTS, as well as allow for cooperation between producers and shorten the distance to a possible connection point.

“We are seeing a gradual revival on the biomethane market. Since the start of the year, two biomethane plants have already received technical conditions for connection to the gas transmission system. Apart from that, the first transportation contract with a biomethane producer has already been signed,” Kateryna Kovalenko aid.