20231017 OTGU gotovyj do zymy EN
Ukraine’s GTS Operator has finalized preparations for the new heating season

Main Gas Pipeline Linear Production Divisions (MPLPDs), as well as Operational and Repair Divisions (ORDs) of Ukraine’s GTS Operator have received preparedness certificates for operation during the autumn-winter period of 2023/2024.

“Ukraine’s gas transmission system is ready for operation during the heating season of 2023/2024. 100% of repairs of linear parts of pipelines, as well as of compressor and gas distribution stations have been finalized. We analyzed the results of the previous heating season, simulated possible crisis situations and took all of that into account during the preparations for the second wartime winter,” the Company’s Chief Engineer Yuriy Zyabchenko noted.

In addition to the preparation of Ukraine’s GTS to serving domestic consumers, a set of scheduled preventive maintenance works has been an important focus, too, as it helps ensure the reliable transmission of gas from Europe and Moldova to Ukraine.

Let it be reminded that the preparatory works on Ukraine’s GTS started immediately after the end of the previous heating season, in April 2023. Since then, 858.3 km of the pipelines’ in-line space have been cleaned and 188 gas distribution stations have been reconstructed and repaired. Similarly, 978 automatic control and signaling systems at gas distribution stations have been reconstructed and repaired, too.