Ukrainian and Hungarian TSOs establish single virtual interconnection point “Bereg”

On 29th  April 2020, Kyiv – Following three months of intensive negotiations and setting up required regulatory framework, the Ukrainian and Hungarian transmission system operators, Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC and FGSZ Natural Gas Transmission Private Company Limited by Shares, concluded new interconnection agreement, which prescribes uniting existing two interconnection points – IP Beregovo DN1400 and IP Beregdaróc DN800 – into one single virtual interconnection point– VIP “Bereg”, which comes into force on gas day 1 May 2020.

Uniting existing physical interconnection points is one of the latest requirements prescribed by the NC CAM. In case of Ukraine and Hungary it became possible only in 2020, as of 1 January 2020 the same business rules have started to be applied on both physical interconnection points – Beregovo and Beregdaroc.

The TSOs draw the attention of network users to the fact that starting from 4:00 UTC 1 May 2020, capacity booking requests and nominations/renominations shall be submitted to VIP “Bereg” only. From that time on network users will not need to choose via which interconnection point the transportation should be carried out, but will only need to specify the direction of transportation.

Already booked capacities of the IPs Beregovo and Beregdaroc will be transferred to the capacities of the new VIP, respective network users will receive notifications from their TSOs.

Under the IA, the capacities of the newly created VIP are the following:

Direction Ukraine – Hungary:
firm:  1 895 054 m3/h (0 oC) (21.484.974 kWh/h)
interruptible:  1 686 576 m3/h (0 oC) (19.121.377 kWh/h)  

Direction Hungary – Ukraine:
firm:  0 m3/h(n)
interruptible:  3 581 630 m3/h (0 oC) (40.606.351 kWh/h)  

The concerning capacity auctions will take place at RBP Application from Hungarian side and in accordance with network code of Ukraine from Ukrainian side.

According to the Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/703 of the 30th of April 2015 establishing a network code on interoperability and data exchange rules, both TSOs invite the network users to send their comments on the proposed text of the:

  • rules for the matching process,
  • rules for the allocation of gas quantities,
  • communication procedures in case of exceptional events.

All market participants are invited to submit their comments and questions by sending them to the e-mail address: and This consultation is open until the 1st July 2020.

Following the consultation, LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine” and FGSZ Ltd. will evaluate the responses received and will discuss the results with the market participants.