Ukrainian and Slovak TSOs are launching virtual reverse flow

28-th of February, 2020, Kyiv – LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine” and Eustream a.s. are launching virtual reverse flow on IP Velke Kapusany / Uzhgorod starting from 1st of March 2020.

In addition to the transmission capacities at IP Budince by means of which the Ukrainian gas market has been supplied since 2014, Eustream and Gas TSO of Ukraine, based on  the signed interconnection agreement for IP Velke Kapusany / Uzhgorod is launching virtual reverse flow capacities (so called “backhaul”) at IP Velke Kapusany / Uzhgorod to the market, thus further enhancing Slovak corridor for gas supplies to Ukraine.

Starting 1st of March the TSOs are making the following capacities on daily basis available to the market: 10 mcm / d (104 GWh / d).

The TSOs remind that the backhaul capacity depends on the availability of the forward flow and therefore it is interruptible and may be interrupted in case of no flow in direction from Ukraine to Slovakia is available.

The TSOs may agree to increase the level of virtual reverse flow capacities in case of firm market interest.

If you are interested in higher backhaul capacities, please inform the TSOs on the following emails: and