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Ukrainian GTS is ready to transport additional volumes of gas

The Ukrainian GTS is fully compliant with the requirements on safe and reliable operation for main gas pipelines. This was stated by Yurii Ziabchenko, Chief Engineer of Gas TSO of Ukraine speaking at the panel discussion “Gas infrastructure and security of gas supply” at the 7th Ukrainian Gas Forum.

Even today, Gas TSO of Ukraine is ready to increase the volumes of gas transportation to European consumers. The existing contract provides for the transportation of 109 million cubic meters of gas per day; now we are transiting up to 90 million cubic meters. As a result, the total is about 40 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.

Taking into account only the two existing entry points – Sudzha and Sohranivka – defined under the effective contract, the Ukrainian GTS is capable and ready to transport 69.3 billion cubic meters of gas per year,” said Yurii Ziabchenko. – “GTSOU is constantly updating its infrastructure and implements a large-scale modernization program. Works on the linear part, compressor stations, gas distribution and gas metering stations are underway. Special attention should be paid to the works on design and construction of 10 compressor stations. Construction of the Bar compressor station is in its final stage and the construction of Yahotyn compressor station has started in May this year.”

GTSOU‘s Chief Engineer also said that in order to minimize the risk of accidents, GTSOU is introducing Integrity Management System, which includes all technological and diagnostic information about the GTS facilities.