Vidbir Gazu (Sep)
British gas transmission company National Grid donated equipment and tools to GTSOU – “to keep Ukrainians’ homes warm”

“We hope that this will help to restore the infrastructure necessary to supply heat and electricity to the homes of Ukrainians in these difficult times” this purpose of the aid is noted in the accompanying shipping documentation from Great Britain for Gas TSO of Ukraine.

During March-April, our friend and partner, Gas TSO National Grid, collected and prepared vital equipment and tools for gas transmission and distribution. Four British gas distribution companies joined this initiative and decided to help Ukrainian colleagues repair networks damaged by russian occupiers.

Generators, welding and cutting machines, hydraulic power engines, pipe cutters, batteries, perforators, hundred gas pressure regulators, and more than a thousand tools indispensable in construction will soon be delivered to GTSOU employees for conducting repair and recovery works.

Thanks to cooperation with international partners of Ukraine, it became possible to deliver all the equipment on time – during the preparation for the heating season. Gas TSO of Ukraine is grateful to the Energy Community Secretariat (Energy Community), where the Ukraine Support Task Force (USTF) was established, to the Emergency Response Coordination Center (ERCC) as well as the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

The Government Agency for Strategic Reserves (Rządowa Agency Reserve Strategic – RARS) significantly contributed to solving logistical issues.

Thank you to our colleagues at National Grid. We feel your support!

Together to victory!