Конференція Flame. Ольга Бєлькова
Capacities of the Ukrainian GTS are Sufficient Enough to Resolve Europe’s Gas Crisis – Olga Bielkova

The unprecedented gas crisis in Europe is the result of its dependence on one source of supply. The new Gazprom’s transit pipelines are not aimed at solving this issue but rather exacerbate it only significantly, stressed Olga Bielkova, Director on Government and International Affairs of Gas TSO of Ukraine, during her speech at the 27th European Gas Conference Flame-2021 in Amsterdam.

The construction of the Turk Stream, Nord Stream-1, and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines should not be regarded as a step towards diversification of transit routes, while these pipelines only strengthen the Gazprom’s monopoly position in Europe’s gas market and eliminate alternative gas transit routes to EU countries, including the transit through the Ukrainian GTS.

Ukraine has earned the status of a reliable partner in gas market and now in crisis situation Ukraine has offered Europe capacities of the Ukrainian GTS.

The GTS Operator of Ukraine acquires all the technical capacities to transport more gas to the EU countries. Today we are ready to provide the capacity of the Ukrainian GTS, which will be enough for Europe to breathe a sigh of relief tomorrow. However, Ukrainian transit cannot be taken for granted; there are problems that should not be ignored”- emphasized Olga Bielkova.

Olga Bielkova also pointed out that in order to stabilize the European gas market, the following proposals should be taken into consideration:

  1. To increase the domestic gas production and develop new gas fields in European countries, including Ukraine.
  2. To transport large volumes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe at competitive prices.
  3. To expose new opportunities for gas transit from Central Asia.

Finally, Olga Bielkova called on European colleagues to cooperate closely on preserving the Ukraine’s gas corridor, which is reliable, safe, and powerful.