Rapture of the gas pipeline in Kyiv Oblast

September 15, 2020, Kyiv – Tonight in the Kyiv Oblast rapture of the main gas pipeline KZU-1 has occurred. This gas pipeline is used to transport gas from gas production facilities located in the eastern regions of Ukraine to underground gas storage facilities in the western region of Ukraine. There are no victims and no injured people. The gas supply to consumers is organised by means of other gas pipelines. This situation doesn’t affect the transit of gas to EU countries.

As soon as dispatching workers received a signal about the pressure drop, the section of the gas pipeline where the accident took place was disconnected and the leak was localised. The appropriate switching to other gas pipelines was promptly organized, so gas transportation to consumers was not interruprted.

The police is currently working at the place of accident in order to determine the causes of such accident. Upon completion of the investigative and operational actions, the repair crews of LLC Gas TSO of Ukraine will begin to eliminate the consequences and according to preliminary estimations, the repair works at this section of the main gas pipeline will take up to 2-3 days.

All the details about the accident and repair works will be announced later.