Despite the war, GTSOU and ROSEN continue to work on in-line inspection of the GTS

Despite the large-scale armed aggression of the russian federation, Gas TSO of Ukraine (GTSOU), together with ROSEN, the world leader in the field of in-line inspection technologies, continued implementation of in-line inspection works (ILI).The complex pre-diagnostic cleaning of the transit main gas pipeline with a length of 391.5 km has already been completed, and inspection works have been started. It should be noted that the gas pipeline provides blue fuel for industrial and residential consumers from the east to the west of Ukraine and is one of the main gas transit corridors for the European Union.

Thus, the inspection of the gas pipeline section by Inspection Pigs in the west of Ukraine is currently underway. The intelligent inspection tool has navigation modules that provide determination of the coordinates of the gas pipeline axis, and in complex work with GPS markers, determine the spatial position of the detected gas pipeline flaws in the plan and profile.

These activities continue the in-line inspection program of the GTS, which the company launched together with ROSEN in 2021. Last year about 2 thousand km of pipelines DN 1400 mm were inspected. Execution of ILI does not depend on the volume of gas transportation. It is one of the most effective NDT methods for diagnosing the condition of metal and welded joints of gas pipelines. Thanks to the support of ROSEN, GTSOU is continuing to maintain the reliability and safety of gas transportation through the Ukrainian GTS even in these difficult times.

“I am grateful to our partners from ROSEN who, despite the war in the country, continue this important work together with us. Today, the Company’s priority is to ensure gas transportation for the country’s needs. Extensive and clear information about the state of gas pipelines allows for preventing emergencies,” said Sergiy Makogon, CEO of GTSOU. “Currently, the employees of GTSOU restore the infrastructure damaged by shelling, where it’s going feasible, perform scheduled repairs and technical diagnostics and do everything possible to ensure gas transportation for the consumers.”