Despite the war GTSOU ensures fulfilling its obligations before clients

As of September 28, 2022, Gas TSO of Ukraine continues to fulfill its obligations to Ukrainian and European gas consumers steadily. The confirmed nomination for natural gas transit to European countries for September 28 is 42.4 mcm. The russian gas is transited from the entry point Sudzha on Ukraine’s northern border, which has a technical capacity of 244 mcm per day.

The Company works despite ongoing war actions, occupation of part of the infrastructure, in conditions of constant shelling of the GTS in the war zones, and continues to transit gas to the EU and transport it for the needs of Ukrainians. Under extreme conditions, GTSOU quickly restores the sections of the gas transmission system damaged by russian shellings.

Gas TSO of Ukraine operates within the framework of the agreements in force, regulated by Ukrainian and international legislation. We work in the legal field and never use transit status for political pressure on European countries, blackmail, or obtaining advantages.

Despite the war, the Company intends to continue to responsibly and reliably perform its obligations as a transit partner of the EU, as it has done for decades. As a strategically important Ukrainian company, our reputation is a valuable asset backed by years of diligent work.