Dmytro Lyppa headed Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine

Dmytro Lyppa assumed the duties of the CEO of Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU). He was elected to the position based on the results of an open selection announced by the company’s shareholder JSC “MGU” and appointed to the post with the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, dated March 17, 2023.

«It is a great responsibility and honor for me to lead the company whose work is essential to the country’s energy security. The team of Gas TSO of Ukraine demonstrated impressive resilience and professionalism, keeping the gas transportation system in operation and ensuring the gas supply in the country during wartime. Today, the company’s operational and financial stability and uninterrupted gas supply to consumers are the primary and most important tasks in this position for me and for the entire management team,» said the new head of GTSOU.

Dmytro Lyppa has many years of managerial experience in the industrial sector, implementing projects of operational efficiency and modernization at production enterprises. He graduated from the Kyiv National Economic University, named after V. Hetman, and has an MBA degree from the IMD Business School (Switzerland). Prior to joining to Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine, he led the metallurgical enterprise «Kamet Steel.»